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Our company believes in sustaining the environment by producing recycled, double layer

(HDPE+ LLDPE) reusable bags that are reusable yet affordable. Our thicker reusable

bags are made to be stronger than most other reusable bags by featuring a double layer of

a soft, flexible exterior material (LLDPE) and a tough, durable inner material (HDPE).

Our bags are safe to use and do not contain any lead, cadmium or toxic heavy metals, they

are printed with water-based ink and will not contaminate the environment.

Reusing these bags will not only reduce waste but create a more sustainable, environmentally friendly community.

You can easily fold 4-5 reusable bags and carry them in your purse, backpack, or pockets. Easy to bring with you anywhere,

The best feature about our bags is that they can be reused 125 times. If it is dirty, it can easily be cleaned with disk soap

and water, then wipe dry with napkin, and reuse again and again.


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Minimum volume > 15 liters

( Minimum required by Bag Ordinance)

Can carry up to

22 lbs (Minimum required by bag ordinance)

Easy to clean

and reuse again !

Easy to carry !

Our bags are 100 % made in


Our bags are designed for at least 125 uses, do not contain lead, cadmium or any other toxic material and contain a min. 40% postconsumer recycled material, easy clean & wipe dry.